Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Insomnia? Is there a better reason to write?

Insomnia: The chronic inability to fall asleep or remain asleep for an adequate length of time.

Well I guess by definition, it's not what ails me at the moment. The key word being chronic. But I do, semi-regularly, lay in bed with repetitive thoughts churning in my cranium. As a result my recent sleep patterns have been less than normal. What am I thinking about you ask? Well, that would be "EVERYTHING"!

So this is where my blog will take a Quentin Tarantin0-esk turn. Before I can indulge you in my current state of sleep deprivation and it's roots, I must bring you up to speed on the last "several" months. I cannot; nor will I even make an effort to, do that all this morning. This will take several posts.

Where to begin? Where to begin? Where to begin? Oh yeah! I accepted an interim promotion for a job that had no fucking job description! What the fuck was I thinking? (If you are waiting for an answer, don't. It's a rhetorical question!) My motives were sincere. Naive? Yes. But they were and continue to be sincere.

In case you are just tuning in, I suggest you back up and read some of my previous mindless ramblings. I started this blog as a way to write about all the crazy shit in my head (Cheap Therapy). It became something else. A Frankenstein-ish mish-mash of weird observations and immature anecdotes. Along the way I formed some nice blogging associations. Then as suddenly as it started, it stopped. Maybe it's time that I return to my original motivation. Now I pay for therapy. But writing still is invaluable to maintain my sanity and direction.

Two years ago I was on the top of the world, or so I thought. The job, the homes, the cars, the wife, the dog, the cat, the vacations, and all of the bullshit that goes along with being a successful American Man. One day it's all there and the next day most of it is gone. I was lucky to safe the wife, the dog, and the cat. Although, even those were were almost lost as well. I am one of the 99 per-centers now just trying to survive. I am not Joe the Plumber, I am Jake the Fireman.

5 Beer Farts:

The Middle Lifer said...

Jake, if you're getting towards Middlelifer age, you sleep less anyway. You want to stay awake more with what time you have left.

Jake Titus said...

So true. How are you Lifer?

The Middle Lifer said...

Still a middle lifer. And not part of the 1% or 99&. Somewhere stuck in the middle.

jenji said...

Glad to you see you back. :)

I find that chronic insomnia allows me ample time to worry about death, dying and destruction; you know, when 24-hour media hasn't provided my daily fill of it anyway. It's a problem, but now I merely tranq the rhino and get on with my slumber no matter how brief it may be.


The Bizza said...

Jake, sorry to hear about your losses. At least you managed to salvage the most important elements.

I was laid-off back in September and probably spend too much time watching SportsCenter/bitching about SportsCenter. I'll be around from time to time.