Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm Back With A Vengeance

Alright, I'm back. It's been such a crazy week and a half. I'm going to spew quite a bit of crap out. If it appears that I am jumping around like an epileptic at a square dance, I apologise in advance.

Let me begin by thanking all of you for the concern and kind words. I greatly appreciate it.

In brief summary of last week, my Grandfather died. Sad news yes, but it didn't bring me to any form of incapacitation. I had only seen him a few times in the last twenty years. I'll save my childhood memories for a later post. No funeral was planned just a memorial. I have not, an most likely will not be invited. I will remember him and celebrate his life privately in my own way.

In the days after his death I found myself putting a great deal of thought in the whole "Death" thing. In my mind I actually constructed a great blog post about the subject. I wrote it, read it, edited it, and re-wrote it several times in my head. It was amazing. When the time came to transfer the words from the grey matter to the computer, it occurred to me. It was pretty fucking bleak and dark. Well written yes, but frankly it was depressing as hell. So, I elected to keep it up top. Maybe someday I will let it out. For now. . . .I'll wait.

With all of my introspective assessment and vain attempts at self analyzation I have not found the key to happiness. I did find an old rusty lock where the fucking thing must go, but *hmmmpph*, no damn key. . . .I'll keep looking.

Last week I outed myself a bit. I was in a strange mood and needed to give some of me, to all of you. I have been considering it for quite some time. To tell you the truth, my job will provide a lot of entertaining material for the blog. I also rambled about my pre-blog research. I'm weird like that. I like to know about "things" before I commit involvement. So if I sound like a wacko for reading "Blogging for Beginners" lists. . . . Take a good look at this. . . .

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, outing myself and "honesty". My decision to use a pseudo name was simple. Anonymity is essential for my career. Besides I think there is something kinda cool about the whole superhero "other" name thing. By the way, the answer is "No"! I don't have bright red body suit with a fire hydrant blazoned across my chest; fucking smart ass. . . . . .

It's actually black with a big "J".

Considering that my "family" has all but vanished. Save the intermittent "Hey, guess who died" call. Here is the "major change" I have decided to pursue. I am going to change my last name. Not my fake Superhero last name, but my real life last name. Having no real connection to the "Wacko Clan", I'm going to drop the Fuckerville Step Dad name in lieu of my biological fathers surname. Mrs. T is ecstatic since she hates the "Now" name and loves the "Birth" name. A new life starting with my old name. I feel good about it.

Anyway campers, it's nice to be back. See you all again tomorrow night. I'll catch up on all of your blogs around lunchtime.


7 Beer Farts:

The Middle Lifer said...

You go man, change the name and that attitude. If it works, I may do the same. Mr. MiddleLifer Cornholio, I like it. Sounds just how I act to most ahole's.

jenji said...

Name change:

I'm in... I like it...

You really are keepin on, but seriously you should purge that sload you ate ASAP (see response at my comment page).


Dave2 said...

I keep hoping Elizabeth Hurley will come to her senses, divorce her current husband, and want to marry me. I would gladly change my last name to Hurley for that!

Jake Titus said...

Mid: Great choice, MiddleLifer Bungholio would have been a bit over the top.

Jenji: Believe me, it purged itself. Was on the shitter so long, my feet fell asleep!

Jake Titus said...

Screw it! Change it anyway. . .

I've started a movment here, just go for it! Maybe she'll see your devotion and follow through with the divorce. . . .or maybe, hmmmmm, a restraining order. . . .ahhh who cares?

Change it!


Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Thanks for giving me the finger, and I think you're right about the finger of the guy on my last post. Hahahhaha.

doorknob_dan said...

So here's my irrelevent and irreverent opinion.

Name change: Awesome

Name change to McGyver: Awesomer

Name change to Jake McSchlonguall: Awesomer yet

Name change to Scorpion Bladestrike Deathcudgel: Awesomest

Jeeze, I hope I'm not too late. This WAS a democratic sort of thing, no?