Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This is not good!!!

Welcome to my little version of HELL. So a few days ago I posted about my unwanted move to a new "Branch" at the "Company." I used words like "optimism" and "positive" to describe how I was choosing to handle it. Well, fuck that!!! I have two new co-workers. They are Bucky and Gordo. To be kind I'll just say "they think differently than I do".

So my first warning as to what was in store for me at the new diggs came in the parking lot. There were big trucks sporting large latex bull testicles at the trailer hitch. I can only imagine why they have gun racks. Both trucks had empty Budweiser cans in the bed. Somehow I don't see these guys as being big recyclers.
Most everyone at the "Company" arrives about twenty minutes early to chat, read the paper, have coffee, watch the news, etc. . . I kid you not, they BOTH had G.W.B coffee cups!!!!! AAAGGGHHHHHH please kill me now!!!!!!!
So, while we're having coffee in the break room, this is on the television. ENOUGH SAID!!!!!!
In the can (men's room), there were two magazines. Bowhunter and the NRA monthly. With names like Gordo and Bucky what can you expect. The gun racks in the trucks are starting to make sense at this point.

I wish I could get a shot of the photo Bucky has on his desk. It's similar to this one accept they are in the rose garden at the White House. The message at the bottom thanks him for his support. I am in fucking deep shit!!! Who the hell did I piss off? Maybe it was that letter I sent to then "Texas Governor" Bush asking why Tom Landry was a hero and two dead Houston firefighters were not.
This is my hell!

(p.s. aren't the Morans all living in Utah hanging out with their wives?)
Please send good vibes my way. . .

4 Beer Farts:

Dave2 said...

No statue of Jesus on the dashboard?

The Middle Lifer said...

Wait until hunting season, then the real BS starts. You'll be there while Bucky and Dicko are off hunting, then you'll have to endure the countless retellings of the buck that got away..I feel for ya, my actual family on my wife's side a mirror image of these guys. I feel your pain.

TSTuesday said...

This sound slike the 909 to me. This also sounds like hell on earth. Good luck. Eek.

Jake Titus said...

dave: Only if it says "made in America" on the bottom

Lifer: I get some alone time? Thank you, you made my day!!!

Chardsy: Thanks for the comment. So Cal can't be that bad? If so, good luck to you as well.