Sunday, February 24, 2008

Love you pookie woo! Me too love muffin.

Is this a "true love" story that ends with "happily ever after?" mmmmmmmm No! Look, I've been is some shitty relationships and had some wing dinger arguments. These two take arguing to a whole new level.

Cop: "Mamm, put the airbag down and step away from the car!"

Shit, these two aren't even married! WTF. I've seen Bruce Willis movies that had less action. I'd love to know what this little disagreement stared over!

Will: "Why can't the bridesmaids wear cheerleader outfits?"
Stacey: "You’re fucking serious aren't you?"
Will: "Well yah."
Stacey: "You’re an Idiot!"
Will: "Come on, your sister has nice tits."

Or maybe it was. . . . .

Stacey: "Honey I broke a nail, hold me please"
Will: "Stacey, It was a bad day at work I don't need this right now."
Stacey: "You selfish son-of-a-bitch . . . . . guess what? When you went on that business trip last week your brother and his softball team pulled a train on me!!!!"

My wife hates the idea of the neighbors "hearing" us argue. This one made the AP Wire. It's safe to say, this ones probably over.

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