Saturday, February 16, 2008

Is humor the best medicine? It hurts to laugh.

I love my job. I love the guys I work with. In the last 72 hours, thirteen were underhandedly forced into retirement. I'm devastated. For three days I've seen grown men/friends cry. I've cried. It fucking sucks! So, I need to try to write something humorous to prevent sinking into a real bad place.

Yesterday my wife and I went shopping at the local Whole Foods store. While shopping I came across "Hemp Granola Cereal". I swear to god this shit exists. The box even sports a big pot leaf. I wonder; if you’re not hungry, can you roll it and smoke it?

Because I was having such a shitty day, my wife surprised me. When we got home from shopping, she made up a steaming hot bath for me to soak in and have a beer. While at the store she had picked up some foo foo aroma therapy bath salts. So as I'm soaking in the tub having a brew, I found myself reading the salt container. Would you believe they advertise it as "organic salt"? WTF!!!! O.K. organic beef . . . no additives, I get it. Organic milk . . . no additives, I get it. Organic veggies. . . .I fucking get it. But what the hell is organic salt? Are you fucking kidding me? What, does the salt farmer not put steroids and hormones in the god damned dirt? I'm starting to think "organic" is French for "your an idiot, give me your money"!

Talk to you later.

5 Beer Farts:

Tyler Durden said...

The hell with the organic shit! Your wife got a hot bath ready for you to soak in and have a beer????? You lucky bastard!!! :) Shit like that only happens in the movies and ....well.... your blog.

Jake Titus said...

She loves me and she felt bad. But she's also not a push over. She let me mope for a day or so and then went back to bustin' my balls.

Chica. said...

I think it's sweet your wife drew you a bath. I never think of doing that for my hubby. I'm so glad he isn't a blog reader. Hee, hee

Jake Titus said...

Beer and bath. . . I am lucky. would I be luckier if it was beer in the bath?

Chica. said...

I think you would be luckier with beer in your bath. You could drink it at the same time? Too gross? Hey, it's your body, man. LOL