Monday, May 5, 2008

Such An Idiot!!!

Before getting into how great the weekend was, let me begin by saying that "I am and idiot". First of all, Mrs. Titus's Alaska trip isn't until next week. So, this calender oversight submarined any chance of an acute and rare illness befalling the Jake. So my list of "things" became irrelevant. Today would have been a day off. Instead, I elected to work. Maybe exhaustion will bring on some slight illness that would, in turn, justify unscheduled rest.

Of all my planned events, I was looking forward to two in particular. This morning I had a scheduled Chiropractor appointment and thirty minute massage. I so needed that. The other was seeing a friend from high school. Skid Jones and I were going to try and hit a baseball game in Sacramento. Mutually it wasn't going to work out. Instead we decided to do it next week.

As busy as I have been with work, I fell behind on the "Not So Weekly 6-Pack". In order to catch up on the Cinco de Mayo beer reviews I purchased the Mexican Beer sampler from Costco. In theory this was a great idea. What I found out is that it is not. You see, there comes a certain point when drinking that, beer is just beer. Differentiating one from the other becomes difficult, and frankly pointless, after the first 6-pack. So in the future the review will be one brand at a time.

The city was great! Dinner plans fell through because we had drinks with friends before getting on the Baylink Ferry. We arrived at Cobb's about five minutes after the doors opened.

You wouldn't imagine how awesome our seats were!

Pic from our seats. Mike Birbiglia was fucking hilarious!

Coupled with great food and many many many drinks. . .The night was a blast.

5 Beer Farts:

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

man, I get so nervous sitting so close to the stage at a comedy club. I always fear the performer is gonna ask "alright can I get a volunteer (to undoubtably humiliate, ridicule and possibly hypnotize into receiving anal)

Chardsy said...

Birbiglia is great. He used to feature for Bobby Slayton back when I used to sling drinks at a comedy club. He is such a nice guy. Glad you had fun!

Jake Titus said...

Hootch: Strange, I did have a little blackout while there. But I gaurentee my butt hurt because of the seats on the return bus.

Chardsy: Glad to see youu are back from your week off. The night was great, Thanks

The UnMighty said...

I'm jealous. I have a secret man-crush on Mike.

Jake Titus said...

Unmighty: Well...I don't think he's gay. You may be asking "How would you know that jake"? I'll tell you how. Bad shoes and no belt. No self respecting gay man would have left his home in that condition. Shit man, I'm straight and I know that.