Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother F*@&#R Day!!!

What a week! I'll do my best not to dwell on my bullshit to much. Please bear with me for just a moment. Mrs Titus is in Alaska and the young Titus is at dinner with her boyfriends family. So, Jake is flying solo tonight. Frankly, it sucks. As you all know, today is Mothers Day. Being estranged from my mother has left me in a weird funk. To top it off her birthday is tomorrow. It's a blatant reminder that I do not have what most of you do. So my message to all of you is "appreciate what you have."

Not wanting to stay home alone tonight I decided to treat myself to dinner. Bad idea!!! I arrived at a local restaurant tonight to get a bite to eat and discovered that it was PACKED!!! So, I elected to eat at the bar. Now, can you help me out here? What the fuck possesses drunk people in bars to strike up conversations with me? I mean really, is there some neon message plastered across my forehead that says "Talk to me, I'm pathetic"? No, there isn't. Two weeks ago a guy babbles to me about wanting to be a solider of fortune and kill people. (No, I'm not fucking kidding.) Now tonight this couple starts in on me. To provide a little background, this restaurant/bar belongs to a friend of mine. These two dirt bags are "BLITZED"!!! They start telling me how bad the food is and how bad the service is, blah blah blah blah blah. Not five minutes into this whole episode the male half of the "Hammered Duo" says "hey, can you get me a job?" .............???? WTF? Are you kidding me? You verbally dismantle my friends business and then ask me for a job? Why? Why me? Can I not wallow in my own misery in peace? Does every drunk on the west coast somehow "relate" to me?

So I have this entire week off. I do not have to return to work until next Sunday. Last week I posted a list of things that I hoped to accomplish. Without having time off I have already accomplished seven of the nineteen listed items. This week might actually end up going pretty well. Unfortunately I won't have the chance to see my friend Skid. Of all the things on my list, I looked forward to that the most. Well, maybe next time.

The running is going well. I am forcing myself to train two days and then take one day off. So far there are no pains. In addition I am continuing to be motivated. I still have to pick a race out for June. Hopefully by doing that, my motivation to train will remain high.

7 Beer Farts:

Chardsy said...

I love talking to drunks at bars for about 30 seconds then I want them to go away.

Take Gluclosamine for your joints and Glutamine for your muscles, it will help you in the long run, trust me.

Jake Titus said...

You can't beat the entertainment factor of a good drunk. But I have to say that their timing is usually quite bad. Thanks for the aches and pains advise.

The Bizza said...

Dude. I am also estranged from my mom. I chose not to post on mom day for that reason. Wierd.

Convo with drunks are never fun for me since there's nothing to justify a sober man punching a drunk guy in the mouth.

Good luck with your running!

The UnMighty said...

So, did you get that guy a job? It's the least you could do. He confided in you man.

about jenji said...

I cannot stand drunks; they think that they're the most personable, relatable, relevant individuals on the planet, drunk or not. However, when they're sauced it can be seriously grating and intolerable.

I would have told the guy that I saw an ad in the paper looking to hire a drunken douche bag and that he seemed more than qualified for the position.

Then again, a drunk will never get your joke or passive insult, b/c they never tune into a conversation unless they're the one talking.

I'm not a big fan of drunks, can you tell?

I agree btw with glutamine/closamine, as well as Flax Seed Oil if you're looking to loosen up your joints a bit.

Sorry to hear about your estrangement with mom. I don't know the details, but conflict and tension sucks no matter the narrative.

be well,

Jake Titus said...

Bizza: I contemplated not posting but in the end felt I should. As much as I'd like to smack em',in the end I agree with you.

Unmighty: Yeah right! One detail I forgot to include. Knuckle head asked me if my employer does background checks. When I asked why, he replied...and I shit you not, "well I have an assault charge and a B&E on my record from last year." LOOOOOOSER!!!

Jenji: Nice to hear from you. Drunks gravitate to me, I don't know what the hell it is. Yes, conflict and tension suck. But keeping my distance helps limit it. The second week of May just stirs the shit up for me.

Gina said...

That is how I feel about Father's Day only my father is dead. :(