Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Bit Of Honesty.

I was inspired to begin my personal blog after reading one created by an old friend. Prior to embarking on my blogging journey I did quite a bit of reading to learn more about the process and to gain some sort of insight into what makes a successful blog. In my research I found a list of suggestions that one woman had created to help out the new blogger. Although I would love to give her due credit, I have lost both the list and the link to her website.

One of the bullet point suggestions was to NOT use your real name. Her thought was that in order to have a truly honest blog, that is "real", many beginners find it helpful to create a persona or nickname that becomes there blogging identity. Strange really, the idea that you had to somehow be "dishonest" in order to be honest. But I did again see some logic to her idea. In addition she suggested that you tell none of your close friends or relatives until you have established a voice and audience. Again, her theory is that people filter and water down what they write out of fear of what people they know will think or feel. Again, sounds like a great suggestion.

So when I went about creating this blog, I took her advise on several points. I picked a name that fits who I am as a person and in fact gave a clue as to my profession of choice. Not knowing how protective to be of my identity, I had chosen to not come out an reveal what I do for a living. But with yesterdays post I felt it was important (in order properly convey that moment in my life) that I reveal a bit of me. I am a firefighter. The "Branch" is my station and the "Company" is the city I serve.

I have yet to reveal my blog to family and friends. I don't believe that will happen anytime soon. In addition I kind of like the whole Jake thing. Because trust me, my real name is really really generic. As a matter of fact if I was a can of beer, I would just be a plain white can with my first name in bold black letters. (Plus I would be flat and most likely leave a bad taste in your mouth). So please still think of me as Jake, the confused 40 year old fireman from California.

As far as the Grandfather events of the last few days. I have quite a bit to think about before I write about it. I am leaving tomorrow and will be gone for a few days. I will post again on Tuesday.

Take care,

p.s. She also suggested that you cuss alot. I fucking loved that one!

6 Beer Farts:

Jeff said...

Hey, I think you've got a great thing going here just the way you've done it. I don't see any real need for you to "reveal" yourself unless it's something you feel you need to do for personal reasons. It certainly won't change my view of your writing or your stories.

btw, did you draw that cartoon in your post about your grandfather? Because I thought it was pretty cool.

The Middle Lifer said...

Interesting to read that you researched "how" to blog. I never even thought of it. I just read a few after my nieces and nephews started up over the past years. I decided way in the beginning that most of what you researched was the only way to "blog". Its an outlet to let your emotions out. It keeps me from actually whacking a snotty mommy or hunting down that telemarketer from India. Its the easiest way to vent and also let the world know you're there, somewhere anyway. And like the suggestions, when you have an audience and you start feel comfortable with what you write, you will be proud to tell whoever about it, family included. But it may lead to some weird looks at funerals...

Dave2 said...

Oh sure... NOW I find out that there's rules for blogging! I've been doing it all wrong then...

The Bizza said...

Well THAT explains the fire hydrant! Phew! I thought you just had a thing for "public water sports".

Seriously, whatever the reason for your blogging, we (your readers) are lucky to have you in blogland.

I agree with jeff... just keep doing you and stay true to yourself. Everything else will work itself out.

Take care, and we'll be here when you get back.

Tom Quinn. said...

1. Don't use your own name.
2. Don't tell your family.
3. Swear a lot.

That's really weird. I received the same advice about dating.

about jenji said...

"...if I was a can of beer, I would just be a plain white can with my first name in bold black letters. Plus I would be flat and most likely leave a bad taste in your mouth."

Oh, okay then...clearly your real name is Schlitz.

So, Schlitz those are some most helpful for my site, I haven't told anyone for whom I feel I would need to filter my blogs...and frankly, sad but true, my family could care less with what it is I create and/or do...damn...

...let me rephrase that in Schlitz cuss talk... my family couldn't give two shits as to what the fuck it is I create and/or do...most of my blog regulars are complete strangers who provide wonderful back and forth discussions and unconditional support...

I'm glad your friend inspired you to start blogging, as your blog is one that I check daily and truly enjoy for its humor, insight, intelligence, quirks and creativity.

Yes, a firefighter and from what I can ascertain, a damn good writer and artist as well!

be well Jake,