Thursday, May 15, 2008


What a funky week. Since Mothers Day I have been in a pretty strange place; mentally speaking. It's not like I've been hanging at the Burning Man Festival or something along those lines. I've just been stuck in this bitter lonely space. I won't bore you with my whiny history. If you care to get some background read this. The second week of May is just a bad time for me. Mothers Day, her birthday, and my brothers birthday all fall in the same week. It just stirs up a lot of bad feelings that I really don't care to have. To top it off, Mrs. T was out of town which left me at the house by myself with a ton of time to stew. In spite of my shitty mood, the week was productive. In the five days since the wifey left, here are some of my accomplishments.

  • Cleaned the house. Well technically I fucked the house up. So truth be told I just cleaned up all of my shit.
  • Major yard work. The lawn was looking pretty jacked up. So I tightened it up a bit.
  • Mrs. T's truck cleaned out and detailed.
  • Took the cat to the Vet. By the way "thanks doc, my wallet was getting a bit on the heavy side. You're a real pal for helping me lighten it up."
  • Put Mrs. T's office back together. Grandma had taken it over when she lived with us. Since she moved, we haven't had the time to put things back in place.
  • Got the documents sent in to lower my property taxes.
  • Got the Roadking to Harley for some much needed work. I should have been a Vet or a Harley mechanic, those guys are making a killing!
  • Went to a Giants game last night.
  • Ran
  • Cleaned up an old softball field in our neighborhood that was abandoned. Now the young Titus doesn't have to drive so far to practice her pitching.
  • Drank beer. Yeah, I know. Not really an "accomplishment", but WTF? I was pissed off and alone for Christ sake!
  • Watched several movies that I had wanted to see. BTW, "Atonement" was amazing.
  • Put together and sent, three packages to soldiers in Afghanistan. Visit, it's a great thing, check it out.
  • Cleaned out the garage. Is it just me, or do garages have some magical power that creates clutter out of nothingness?
  • Got a massage to lossen up my neck.
  • Paid all of the bills.
Anyway, Mrs. Titus gets home in the morning. I can't wait. I miss her a bunch. I have gained a new found appreciation for her day to day existence. I am the one that is normally gone for days at a time. She is left here by herself on a regular basis. I don't know how she keeps it together? If I was in her shoes, I'm sure I would have stabbed myself in the ear with a butter knife a long time ago.

Well, I'm off to bed. Have a great weekend.


3 Beer Farts:

The Middle Lifer said...

Solo is a good thing sometimes. Gives the left side of the brain a chance to get used. Then again, there is the chance to get sloshed without anyone telling you your drinking too much.

C said...

The butterknife comment sure makes it sound that much worse. That's sweet you miss your woman! Most guys can't wait for their wives to go away for reason or another. You must have a great relationship with her.

Jake Titus said...

Yeah, you would think? The left side of my brain said "screw you! I'm on vacation! So, by Friday morning my liver said "Hey douchbag, can you cut me some slack here?"

I was sniveling after a week. I don't know how she does it every day?

No, I didn't miss her I was just bored and she is my built in play toy......Haaaaaa! just kidding. (she would have laughed at that btw) Yeah, my dumb ass missed her bunches!