Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"I've Got The Runs"

Why do I do it to myself? I really think that I am nuts sometimes. So I decided to get back into running.

You see, a few years ago I got a wild hair up my ass and started to train for a triathlon. I trained and trained. Several months went by and I stuck with it. I was doing well, or so I thought. One day I started have pain in my hip while running. If I slowed to a walk the pain went away. If I picked the pace back up, the pain returned. I spoke with friends who are insane runners (marathons and centuries). They all said the same thing. "You are over training, slow down". I followed the advise given. That became my down fall.

You see, I am a bit of an extremist. I do nothing "halfway." If I take interest or liking to something, I immerse myself in the subject or activity. So, as you can imagine, I went from future Ironman superstar to Jaba the Hut just a matter of weeks.

What made my conversion back to a slug so easy, was the wife. Mrs Titus would often mock me when I trained. I'm not a spastic runner or anything, it just makes her laugh. She thinks running is a completely silly waste of time. You see, Mrs. T hates to run. She fucking "HATES IT"! She hates it more than when I leave dishes in the sink or my socks under the coffee table. So when I returned to my NFL command post (the recliner), she made no bones about it.

On Friday she drops this insane bit of news on me. "Jake, I signed up for the Bay to Breakers 10k. It's in two weeks." WTF!!! "Honey"; I said, "You despise running!" She echoed the same sentiment in her reply. She went on to explain that she didn't have the slightest clue what possessed her to sign up, other than "It looked fun." Again, WTF? So now, back to my moment of insanity. Her actions have motivated me to train again. This time I am starting off a bit slower with more reasonable goals. I am going to run in a 5k by mid-June. That is my goal. I'll keep you posted. Holy shit, what the fuck am I doing?


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Jeff said...

I hate running too, but mostly because I have minor asthma so it takes me weeks before I can get my cardio level up to a point where I'm not gasping for air. I've always envied people who can simply run for miles. It seems so liberating.

Chardsy said...

I hate running too but have been inspired by my dad to "pick up the pace" so to speak. In March I took him to the start line for the LA Marathon and was so inspired that I blurted out "I'd love to run a marathon with you". DAMMIT!!

I ran my first 5k last month and my first 10k last week. I have registered for races throughout the summer in hops that I will be ready for the Oct 12th marathon.

Bay to Breakers RULES. If I could get away I would come up there and run with your wife. I have always wanted to do that race.

Good luck with the training!

Jake Titus said...

Jeff: I envy them as well. Let's see if I can handle a 5k to start.

Chardsy: Wow, more inspiration. Best of luck. Let's keep eachother posted on progress.

Chardsy said...

If you and the lady are feeling up to it you should totally do the Muddy Buddy Run in June in San Jose. I convinced a bunch of my family members to do it nd from what I hear it is a blast!

If you guys do run Muddy Buddy we will for sure have to have a post race frosty beverage together!