Friday, January 25, 2008


Writing is something that I really enjoy. I have tried to write; on and off, for many years. But being a consistent writer has proven to be difficult. I often times don't know what to write or how I should write. What is my voice or passion? Where do I start? What do I know? Am I full of shit? Recently I discovered that A friend from the past had a blog. I have enjoyed just lurking, reading, and following what has been going on in his life. It occurred to me that having a blog would be a great format to get my writing off of the ground. But alas I am still faced with the same questions of what, when, why, how, etc. . . So I have been reading a creative writing book that takes you through daily steps and lessons to harness the writer that apparently resides in all of us. It helps. I know that I still have a lot to learn, but it's a start. I feel that as long as I can post/write at least five to six times per week, I'm bound to get better.

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about jenji said...


Thanks for visiting my blog.

Sometimes people find it difficult to write because they find themselves imagining what it is they think other people want to read/hear; what might or might not be interesting for others. It's a well-known roadblock for the creative writer.

I have a post-it note on the side of my monitor that says "perfection creates impotence," because sometimes I still fall into the cyclic habits of the dreaded illusionary expectation, whether it's a right-brained piece or a left-brained piece, I can easily exhaust myself perfecting the tiny details.

Unfortunately, I haven't the time as of late to devote to blogging, but if you need to buy a paper and/or thesis, I'm your girl.

Usually the expectations are my own, yet often it's my projected expectations about others expectations. You can end up chasing your tail after awhile.

I rarely fall into this trap anymore, but every now and then it rears its obnoxious head.

It's a great idea to look into creative writing books.

Good luck!

be well,

Jake Titus said...

Thanks for the input. "Cyclic habits of the dreaded illusionary expectation."; well put and I can relate. Each day I'm finding more joy writing for the sake of writing. Yet I still fall into that trap of wondering if people will read my crap. I'll try and shut that voice down and keep writing for me.
Thanks again

Tyler Durden said...

Whoa! blogging with a purpose. That's cool. When I blog, I just vomit my thoughts on to the keyboard. Grammatical errors, spelling errors, pornographic thoughts and everything else.