Saturday, January 26, 2008

fromage de tête,tête fromagée

I was at the deli today and it got me to thinking. Who the hell came up with head cheese? In the glass cabinet there was a slab of this stuff. Visually it reminded me of one of those fake rubber vomit gags that I had as a kid. I mean really, it looks like a fully masticated and partially digested bologna and provolone sandwich with extra mayo that someone returned to the deli because it didn't settle right. People eat this stuff! I'll be honest, I have eaten some stuff in my life that most people would find less than palatable. I once ate a rabbit eye ball and another time I drank about two cups of pickle/vinegar juice. Before I forget, I don't recommend either of these. Getting back on track. . . Both of those were on dares. So, it wasn't like I sought these tasty treats out. Inquiring minds want to know. So, when I returned from the store, I did a quick online search. Volumes of information spewed onto my computer screen. Everything I wanted to know and a whole lot that I didn't, was right there. One quote said " the sour taste of head cheese is attributed to the use of the fat found on the feet of the slaughtered pig." MMMmmmmmm, sign me up! If there was ever the slightest consideration in my often demented mind to try this shit, that quote has most certainly eliminated that possibility from ever coming to be.


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