Thursday, January 31, 2008

I broke myself!

Yes, you fucking heard what I said. I think I broke myself. No, it wasn't below the waist. I was eating dinner last night and dislocated my friggen' jaw! I know, weird isn't it! No warning, no fall, no blindsided punch to the face, I just bit it to a baby red potato and WAMMO! You would not believe how much it fucking hurt. For about 15 seconds I couldn't close my mouth. I just sat there in shock with mashed up potato falling out of my mouth onto my lap. Eventually I was able to get my jaw closed. Ice and Tylenol helped but I've been pretty sore all day. Two drunken' bar fights in my life, countless snowboard / skiing crashes, and a rollover on the freeway, NOTHING. Now I'm brought down by a piping hot side dish. I just don't get it, what the fuck?

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