Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ohhh Canada....Pt.1.

Yikes, don't tell me you all turned Catholic? Anyway, how are all of you? This end you ask,....Status Quo.

  • Mrs. Titus:....still sick
  • Grandma:....doing better and wanted to try living on her own again.
  • Neck:...still fucked up. Disability rating jumped from 7% to 17%.
  • Local commercial development in neighborhood:....moving ahead, maybe some of my property value will recover after all.
  • The "Branch":....still sucks. Looking for a tie dyed "Barack Obama 08" shirt for casual Friday. I figure hell, why not stir up the hornets nest.
  • The ex:....child support went from $400 to $1500 per month.
  • Mrs. Titus:.... finally decided to move forward with a career change. She was accepted to school and will start in May.

So....Mrs. Titus and I have been discussing retirement for the last several years. As it stands, I can retire in just over nine years. Considering how my neck has deteriorated in the last three years, the reality is that I may only last another three to five. The kids are almost grown and should be on their own in two years. We have planned to look for property in the pacific North West. If we are able to unload some of our California assets in the next two years, our relocation time line may move quicker than expected. I've been in the California Bay Area my whole life. Frankly, I'm sick of it! One plan we are researching would have us relocate north of the border :>). With Mrs. Titus having a new career (and the old one to fall back on for side work) and my retirement....we should be able to live well.

More to follow....

7 Beer Farts:

The [Cherry] Ride said...

As someone who lived in the PW for ten years, I highly recommend it.

Jake Titus said...

Have been to the PNW many times in my life and always love it. The Canada idea is new but I am seriously considering the Victoria BC area.

The Middle Lifer said...

When you get to BC, please remember to send me some of the great BC weed!

Jeff said...

That's funny that you've forecasted your retirement. I've actually got a countdown timer on my desktop that is working backwards from when my daughter turns 18 in 7 years. Can you tell I'm ready?

Jake Titus said...

mid: don't you need a dr. RX?

Jeff: Thats what I need, a countdown timer!

Chardsy said...

400 to 1500?? WOWZAS that's quite a jump. Sorry dude.

Jake Titus said...

Chardsy, thanks. It was such a deep cut that I think my wallet will grow scar tissue.