Friday, April 11, 2008

From The Road.

On the road yesterday, today, and tomrrow. Forced to post from the iPhone. Sucks really because the keypad is so small and my fingers are so big. Kind of like watching an elephant try and make a withdrawl from an ATM. In addition I don't know how to post pictures from the iPhone as of yet.

I was on the way to my Starbucks this morning. When I say "my" I'm not speaking literaly. "My" as in the Starbucks I prefer to visit. The reason that I prefer this Starbucks over the three that I passed by is simple. They know me and they know my drink. I walk in the say "hi Jake". Its kind of like a updated version of Cheers except its not funny. Boy, how lame am I? I thrive on Barista attention.

Yesterday I was forced to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles due to an unexpected problem with my license. Normally I would make an appointment prior to visiting hell. Yesterday I could not. I arrived three minutes after opening. There were four people there before me and two with appointments arrived after me. An hour and a fucking half. WTF!!! And to make matters worse, the error on my license was there's not mine.

2 Beer Farts:

Jeff said...

Appointments for the DMV?!!! I must move to CA immediately.

Jake Titus said...

They make a miserable expirence semi-tolerable. Now if home depot would just decide to follow suit!!!