Thursday, April 24, 2008

Job Quest, Sad Mac, Happy Jake, and Booze

Before I get on with my ramblings I want to thank everyone for their words of support and encouragement yesterday. The interview went very well. The head of the department invited me to apply for the position. Which means, I'm in. Very strange if I may say so. It is the first time I have interviewed for a position that I hadn't applied for first. Applications in this department are only accepted by invitation. The application is essentially a pre-employment packet to confirm my education, experience, and lack of criminal record. This will most likely take four or so weeks to complete, and then I'm in. In the mean time the department head asked me to take two classes in order to fulfill what he believes would be the minimum standards to teach. Shouldn't be a problem.

Last year my iBook took a crap on me. Having neither the extra time or money to deal with it, I put it in the office closet for a later time. So, Monday I went to the Apple Store and was told that the minimum cost to repair it would be about $350. Yikes!!! Not wanting to commit to that kind of expense just yet, I returned home with the broken iBook in hand. Hours spent on the mac user bulletin boards and I discovered

With the help of this website, $7 worth of tools from Harbor Freight, and this two cent self adhesive piece of rubber my trusty iBook has found new life.

Thank you Cory you are a saviour.

After looking at my blog this week I decided to make a bit of a change. I realized that none of you probably care what the hell I read. To be honest, time has been in such short supply that I have not been reading nearly as much as I normally do. So fuck it! I scratched the book side bars and replaced it with something dear to my heart. Booze!!!

Now to set the record straight I really love wine. If I were to review wine I would most likely come off as quite pretentious. I love wine, I drink wine, I can usually tell a good wine from a bad wine. The fact is, I really don't know jack shit about the stuff. Maybe in the future I will give a wine review a shot. I'll call it the "Not so weekly Blood of Jesus".

Instead I decided review what I consider to be the

"Food of the Gods."

That's right. . .Beer! Love it and can't fathom living without it. I promise not be long winded. My reviews will be brief and to the point. So I offer to you,

"The Not So Weekly 6-Pack. A Liquid Gold Review."

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