Thursday, March 13, 2008

Step off before I go off!!!

Well it's day one at the new "Branch". So far so good. The new co-workers were fairly welcoming this morning. Although I did get the "this is how we do it here" speech. The knuckle head that was here before has not taken any of his shit away yet. Kind of hard to get settled when all of my shit is still in boxes in my car. So I'm realizing that I have one of two paths to choose from. First, I can wallow in my misery and hate each day here. Option number two is to attempt optimism and wait out my time until a transfer becomes available. Against my better judgement I've chosen number two. I hope It's the right decision *crossed fingers*. So I'm going to give it a few weeks before I start ranting.

That being said, let's move on. . .

Yesterday I stopped at the grocery store to shop for dinner. It was not a huge shopping excursion just enough that I used a hand held basket. At the check out counter they have a small shelf for customers to place the plastic basket when it is there turn. So as is common practice when it's my turn to have my groceries rung up, I place my basket on the shelf. That's when it happens. This lady behind me is a total space invader. For fucks sake lady can you get any closer to me? Will you check my prostate while your up my ass? Why do people do this? I'm at the little counter where people can write a check or do whatever, and she is 10" to my right. That's no exaggeration!!!! This isn't the first time either. I'm noticing this more often. People are in such a damn rush that they are trying to push the rest of us along at their pace. Slow down people!!!! Back the fuck up!!! I shop at my pace, I drive at my pace, and I use the ATM at my frigging pace.

O.K. that feels better. . .


3 Beer Farts:

The Middle Lifer said...

Sounds like you have a perfect sitcom to write about? Sounds like the "Office"

And the correct term on the east coast is "Step the FUCK off"

Atleast they actually wait behind you, on this coast, they actually will just step in front of you and dare you to say something.

Doug said...

I strongly advise you to avoid visiting China. Let's just say: their ideas about personal space make it very personal.

And there is no queuing up over there; you get to the front of a busy area by pushing your way through.

I won't mention what happens at traffic intersections...

One can get some great bargains there, however.

Jake Titus said...

Lifer: If I lived on your coast. . . you'd hear my neighbor on the nightly news saying "he was such a quiet man, I can't belive he would do that." Because frankly, I'd have to go postal on the line cutter.

Doug: Thanks for the visit. Other countries are completely different. I can handle a cultural thing. Four hundred trillion folks living in one square mile, Hey I understand. When in Beijing do as the Beijinginites. But here in the Napa Valley back the "F" up!!!