Friday, March 14, 2008

Good Job!!!

"Yes, my dick is this big."

What the hell was Eliot Spitzer thinking?

Well, OK. . .I know what he was thinking. . .

I imagine their first meeting went something like this. . .

Spitzer: Your very beautiful, what's your name?

Dupre: Alexandra

Spitzer: Well Alexandra, would you have sex with me for say. . . .a million dollars?

Dupre: Well of course I would.

Spitzer: Great, let's go! (handing her a $5.00 spot)

Dupre: What's this? (taking said $5.00 spot)

Spitzer: I'm paying you to have sex with me.

Dupre: Five dollars, what kind of girl do you think I am?

Spitzer: Well I think that we have already determined that, now we're just negotiating the price.

I mean really, $4000?????? Dude, you're an idiot. And to drag your poor wife up to the podium for your little "press conference." WEEAAKKK. I have all the sympathies for your family. Hell, I don't even blame Ms. Dupre' for all of this B.S. The folks in New Jersey are much better off. If it turns out that you paying for your little sex-capades out of the state coffers, they should lock you up!

Sorry if this is a little harsh. But with the current condition of our country and the economy, leaders should be held to a higher standard. Homes are foreclosing at an alarming rate and this guys is buying $4k poon. WTF!!! Hey dickwad! Does "glass houses and stones" ring a bell?

3 Beer Farts:

about jenji said...

Preach on, Brotha!

I did the same at my blog.

I thought the same South Park inspired thoughts:
Spitzer, really??? Like, really?

I hope things are well with you Jake Titus.


The Bizza said...

Blows. My. Fucking. Mind.

You can't even script an event like this.

Jake Titus said...

Jenji: Nice to hear from you again. Been rough but could always be rougher. Have to keep th ole' chin up. Got worried with your iceberg post that was up for so long. How are you?

Bizza: Well I could script it but it would have a heavy base soundtract, silicone, and lesbians.